Sunday, April 19, 2009

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend...

Here are the makings of an exhausting (but fun and friendship-filled) weekend:

  • ICU nurses night out (good for the chaplain to join them, eh?)


  • laundry
  • farmer's market (getting there so late they were sold out of decent onions)
  • search for canning jars, quart size (finally found at Canadian Tire, of all places)
  • attempt to make yogurt
  • game night with Lindsay and Brian
  • realization one shouldn't leave the house for several hours when yogurt is in the incubation period


  • brunch (and baby fix) with Sarah, Kevin, and Colin
  • conference call with the Peace, Justice, and Environment Project
  • grocery shopping
  • collapse, and watch a couple episodes of Battlestar Galactica (we started the series last month)


  1. How far are you into Battlestar Galactica? Kevin and I finished the series about two weeks ago, and I'd love to knw what you thouht of the series finale.

    P.S. What are you canning, anyway? I've always wanted to try it but was afraid I'd give us all food poisoning or botialism or something.

  2. We just finished Season 1 last night. We got a late start on the whole thing, starting the whole series just a week before the finale. I suspect it will be a while before we can talk about the finale.

    Oh, I am not canning (yet!!). I got the quart jars intially for yogurt (and you can read how that turned out) with the hope that one day I'll get into canning. We'll see...