Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Craig's Last Lecture

So, my Beloved will soon no longer be a new professor; his last lecture or his first term teaching is this afternoon.

To celebrate, we are going to the annual undergraduate physics majors' end of term party: Yuri's Night*. One thing I have learned since I started hanging out with Craig is that geeks can party. Woohoo!

*I'll give a prize to any of my US readers (either one of you) who can correctly tell me the the origin of the party's theme. And you're on you honor not to look it up on Wikipedia.


  1. It is a party where you pinch all the Americans that mistakenly made April fools jokes after 12. The name has been shortened from “You are not suppose to joke when the sun is high in the sky” to simply “Y'u're” and now "Yure" or "Yuri." h

  2. while not correct, you certainly get the prize for entertaining answer. (I would say "most entertaining", but as yours is the only answer...)