Thursday, April 16, 2009

discernment (Facebook style)

Yesterday, I took one of those quizzes that are all the rage on Facebook these days (you know, the ones, the results of which, the new Facebook platform plasters all over your friends' home pages*). No, I didn't take the quiz to find out which Twilight character I am or what my easter bunny name would be or what Southern city I should live in or my "true" age or even what color crayon I would be. Rather,t he quiz that caught my attention was "what is your ministerial calling?". I took the quiz mainly so I could mock whatever answer came back. However, the results were interesting and surprisingly accurate:

Missions and Outreach Minister
"You are called to make a difference beyond the walls of traditional church.
You think Sunday morning church is important, but how you live out your beliefs
is even more important. You may be called to share the gospel by building
communities for Katrina Relief, or Habitat for Humanity. You may be called to
start a volunteer program to help out your local schools. You may be the person
in the walls of the church who advocates for justice and peace. You are called
to reach out and make a difference."

This does depict my passion for justice and my hope for the world and the church. However, after years of trying to be this voice for justice and peace in the church, I know how truly exhausting this role can be. And, as a result of my years of serving in this very position, I have come to doubt seriously that the church, despite its protestations otherwise, has has any intent or desire whatsoever to be an agent for change or good in the world. I may be "called to reach out and make a difference" "beyond the walls of the traditional church", but I don't think I can do that from within those walls.

*If you want to learn how to take those quizzes without bombarding your friends with the results, let me know. I have figured out a way to do so, and I will gladly teach you.

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