Sunday, January 3, 2016


This morning, our family served as greeters at our church for the first time. Leo was very eager. He would see somebody at the curb and hold out a bulletin for them. Now, when at the curb, the congregant was still ~30 feet from the door, and once at the door, they still had a flight of stairs to climb to get to where we were. But, oh, Leo was ready.

The bulletins also contained envelopes for the special outreach offering, and the envelopes kept falling from Leo's bulletins. So we had to teach him how to hold the bulletin so they wouldn't fall out. He then proceeded to tell all of the parishioners how to hold the bulletins, and he wouldn't let go until they were holding it properly. My friend Agnes has been attending that church for 80+ years and told me she'd never known the proper way to hold a bulletin until Leo showed her.

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