Friday, May 22, 2009


I have a question. When it is appropriate to set two people up? I have this friend, Colin, who is handsome, sweet, and very smart (see for yourself*). And I would love to introduce him to my niece Eloise. Now, I know, Eloise is not even a day old, and she has a lot of adjusting to do: meeting Trooper (her dog), becoming a pooper, letting her parents get some sleep, etc. But I know she is a very swift learner, having already learned to breastfeed - not all babies do that easily. So, I am not talking about setting them up to meet like next week or anything hasty like that. But I just think they could hit it off, and I don't want an opportunity for them to meet to pass by. Now, I know, the fact that Colin is an older fella (having been around more than 100x longer than Eloise and with lots more experience) might worry Eloise's parents, especially Papa Chris. But Auntie Rachel will vouch for Colin, and I can say that he comes from a very good family (mom is a journalist, dad a physicist), and he is a very good boy. My original question: When is it appropriate to set two people up?

*note: the link contains not only photos but Colin's CV of skills and experience as well


  1. You are too cute! I don't think it's ever too young to play matchmaker. There is nothing Colin's mama would love more than to see her little boy fall in love with a wonderful young girl -- or guy (we're all liberal at our house)!

  2. Yes, and Aunitie Rachel wants nothing more than Eloise's happiness - whether she finds that happiness in love with a sweet boy (like Colin) or a sweet girl (like my friend Quinn) or by choosing to stay single.

    Still, I think when Eloise and her mom and dad come to visit, we should definitely set up playdate.