Monday, March 2, 2009

I Got Shoes!!

Well, boots actually. Yea!! This photo was taken this morning at the beginning of my 3.5k commute to work. Ah, it was good to be back to walking...

These past few months, I have been taking the bus as I commute to work instead of walking. And yeah, it's freaking cold here, but that's not why I stopped walking. I know how to layer to deal with the cold. No, I stopped in part because it was so dark with the sun rising well after my 8:00 am workday began and setting long before I set foot outside the hospital at 4:30 pm. And also because I didn't have the boots.

See, in Edmonton, they don't always usually shovel the snow. So my commute involves walking on 4-6 cm of ice and packed snow. Quite treacherous. So I needed shoes with tread that can handle the slick terrain. And having flat feet, I need good arch supports. And with these frigid temps, I need warmth. None of the shoes I owned had that trifecta of tread, support, and warmth. But these do! :)

At church yesterday, the minister was talking about preparing for journeys, both literal treks and figurative pilgrimages. He talked about having the right shoes before starting out on a long sojourn.

I am not sure where my shoes will take me. But I sure do like the feel of them on my feet.

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